Nowadays, classical music may be enjoyed by some enthusiasts,
but may not be a music near at hand by most people.

The beautiful masterpieces are may be stored deep inside
the treasure house as a "beautiful antiques".

What we like to do is to
unlock and open the heavy door,
mine the shelves for those beautiful pieces,
brush away the dust,
smoothen it with a file,
place it in under the sun and let it touch the fresh air.

Our hope is to "UBERTRAGEN" (revive/translation) the music we love
to a music that can be enjoyed day-to-day by most people.

Absolute music to weave the way through between known and unknown,
to be touched by legion of legion of people.

Is Classical Music Difficult?

Do you listen to classical art songs in everyday life? Classical vocal music pieces may be enjoyed by some enthusiasts and experts, but may not be something often listened to by most people.Many would imagine art songs and operas to be something unfamiliar, where a soprano singer may be singing in a high-pitched voice, going “ahhhh”.

But in fact, there are many masterpieces of classical art songs, that can still be enjoyed in the 21st century. Nothing difficult, and no need to feel hesitant. Mozart, Debussy, and Faure are all wonderful melody makers and "songwriters" (just like Beatles and Radiohead). Their beautiful melodies can touch deep within the hearts of many people, if only they are delivered appropriately to the modern community.

We hope to break down the barriers between classical music and popular music and have people appreciate the beautiful art songs once again.

Translating the Old to New

While some modern musicians persue new musical styles and better sound quality, some performers aim for constant technical improvement, through understanding the works of great composers from the past. Both attempts are remarkable, and we admire all musicians who seek for new music.

On the other hand, we feel that “new music” isn’t limited to “unfamiliar melody”, “extraordinary sound” or “eccentric sound image”. Just like translators transform their favorite writings to brand new works in different languages, we hope to light up, freshen up and polish up the masterpieces of music, so they can be re-appreciated in the modern days by many people. Through such efforts, we dream to see the beauty of classical music get recognized and popularized again someday.

Fauré and Debussy

The first composer we decided to work on was “Gabriel Faure”, a romantic composer. He may not be as notable as Beethoven and Mozart, but he definitely left us with beautiful art songs. The albums for this project are not just about covering the classical art songs and modernizing them. Each album will invite a contemporary composer and a remixer from different fields. Albums will be borderless work pieces, instead of simple re-recording of classical songs.

Our first work, supported by PREFUSE73, an electronic hip hop master from the US, will be a split album. We will invite professionals from various fields to participate in the project, in hopes to grow it into an exciting art project.


We are planning to continue on this “RE-CLASSIC STUDIES” in series, and share with the rest of the world. While our first work features Faure, the second album has been planned to feature Debussy. Many more re-made works of classical art songs are on their way, with the participation of various artists.

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