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Mizuha Nakagawa


  • Playing the tunes here the surrounding nature seemed to be more intense.
    It is a nice lullaby complimenting the end of rainy season here in Thailand.
    I appreciate very much what you are doing.
    Apichatpong Weerasethakul (Film director)
  • I listened to it on some songs/projects that Jessica has worked on,
    She has a beautiful voice. It’s mind-blowing actually.
    Scott Herren a.k.a. Prefuse73 (Musician)
  • She has exquisite voice, and cut me to the heart.
    Kou Machida (novelist/Musician)


Nowadays, classical music may be enjoyed by some enthusiasts,
but may not be a music near at hand by most people.

The beautiful masterpieces are may be stored deep inside
the treasure house as a "beautiful antiques".

What we like to do is to
unlock and open the heavy door,
mine the shelves for those beautiful pieces,
brush away the dust,
smoothen it with a file,
place it in under the sun and let it touch the fresh air.

Our hope is to "UBERTRAGEN" (revive/translation) the music we love
to a music that can be enjoyed day-to-day by most people.

Absolute music to weave the way through between known and unknown,
to be touched by legion of legion of people.

Gabriel Urbain Fauré

Faure is the one of the foremost French composers of the 19th Century.
Even though his contemporaries attempted to break away from the classical mode, he remained at the edge between tonality and atonality. He went on to write beautiful melodies and elegant harmonies.
Faure's songs are just as fresh and beautiful today.
This timeless avant‐garde will reach out to every listener without abandoning anybody.
”Art, especially music, will pull human beings from reality as much as possible.”
(Nectoux “Gabriel Fauré: A Musical Life” P.732)



Studied under Yoshiko Oda and Yuko Yoshitake. Released 7 albums and 4 singles from Pony Canyon and PROGRESSIVE FOrM. Collaborations with artists such as DE DE MOUSE, World's end girlfriend, josephnothing. Also participated in compilation albums e.g."The Girl from Ipanema : Antonio Carlos Jobim tribute", "Ryuichi Sakamoto Tribute".

Mizuha Nakagawa

diploma (Piano) and diploma (CHAMBER MUSIC), Ecole Normale de Musique de Paris, Alfred Cortot.
Released George Crumb's [Makrokosmos Vol.2] in 2013, recorded by Seigen Ono.


(Guillermo Scott Herren)

Guillermo Scott Herren, aka Prefuse 73, is a leading 21st Century electronica artist.
He gained many followers as the pioneer of Electronica-HIPHOP by creating the breakthrough way he chopped vocal clips into pieces and rebuilt it in the tracks.
By using deep and sharp beats and beautiful structural layers of sound, he constructs a deep groove.
As a cutting-edge musician signed to the UK’s Warp Records, he continues to release a variety of albums and EPs under the aliases Savath & Savalas, Delarosa and Asora, Piano Overlord and Ahamad Szabo. He is also the president of Yellow Year Records.

RE-CLASSIC STUDIES vol.1 / will be released in Winter 2017
RE-CLASSIC STUDIES vol.2 / will be released in Spring 2018

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